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COMPUTE Retreat 2020

– Published 20 August 2020

The retreat took place on 17 August 2020, with a theme of "Careers after COMPUTE". The meeting was held over Zoom and was recorded. 


09.45-10.15     Coffee and mingle
10.15-10.20     COMPUTE study directors: Welcome and introduction
10.20-11.10     Sonja Aits: COMPUTE in medicine – AI, ML and medical research
11.10-11.30     Nitin Chaudhary: My journey to become an independent researcher
11.30-11.50     Katja Mankinen: Life after COMPUTE
11.50-12.10     Niklas Boke-Olén: From global savannahs to Swedish agriculture - the pathway of a former COMPUTE student
12.10-12.30     Karl Fogelmark: Blazing a trail in the business world using machine learning
12.30-13.30     Lunch
13.30-14.00     Linus Wiebe: LU innovation system
14.00-14.20     Tony Stillfjord: From abstract mathematics to reality, and back again
14.20-14.40     Giorgi Kokaia: Leaving the ivory tower for the (not so) scary private sector
14.40-15.00     Fatemeh Mohammadi: Control engineering research at Volvo
15.00-15.20     Melvyn B. Davies: LU eScience news
15.20-16.30     Tea and mingle

To view the recorded material, please visit the COMPUTE web site.