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e-Science at Lund University

e-Science as an area is not defined by the subject of the studies, but rather by the approach to the studies and more specifically the advanced use of computers, storage, and networks; i.e., e-Science combines groups with a common "how" rather than a common "what". Thus, the area is by by its very nature multidisciplinary, although individual projects may be more or less so.

There are many e-Science activities at Lund University and the intention of the Compile web page is to serve as a portal for all of them, providing news and other relevant information on a single web site.

Examples of organisations with a particular focus on e-Science:

During autumn 2017 and spring 2018, there was a theme DATA at the Pufendorf Institute with five threads related to the handling and analysis of data. (Pufendorf Institute web site:

All e-Science-related activities at Lund University may collectively be referred to as LU eScience.


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