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Call for proposals targeting Strategic Research Areas (SRAs): Seed funding for emerging research topics.


Aim and targeted outcomes

Lund University has decided to support the development of new research opportunities for the University’s Strategic Research Areas (SRAs) by allocating 6.8 MSEK for a call for seed funding of projects for emerging research topics (STYR 2020/2313).

We now invite applications for seed funding with deadline 1 September 2021.

Target group for this call is Principal Investigators (PI) from the SRAs at Lund University.

The aim of the seed funding is to stimulate and accelerate collaborative inter-SRA projects that may lead to new interdisciplinary and strategic directions. The projects should address questions of strategic importance and be enabled by new collaborations between SRAs, for example by leveraging capabilities developed in one SRA to address breakthrough problems identified by another. A desired outcome is the creation of new collaborations with the potential to lead to major, joint projects, for example by developing preliminary results for major proposals.

Evaluation process

  • Proposals are pre-ranked by a group appointed by the chair of the SRA Collegium.
  • Decision on proposals for suggested funding is taken by the SRA Collegium at a meeting in October 2021.
  • The chair of the SRA Collegium informs the university-wide Research Board about the proposed projects suggested for funding.
  • The Vice-Chancellor decides on the allocation of funds to the main applicants for the proposed projects suggested for funding.

Ranking criteria

  • New collaborations are prioritized.
  • How the project relates to the strategic plans of the involved SRAs.
  • What is to be achieved within the time frame of the project.
  • How the results of the project will be used to create new directions (e.g., a major proposal).
  • The level of the PIs’ commitment to the project by allocating also their own resources in a clearly described manner (can be in-kinds).
  • How the SRAs will strategically support the targeted new research direction as described in their support letters (see below Outline of the proposal).

General conditions

  • The call invites teams of typically 3-4 (at least 2) PIs from at least two different SRAs to submit proposals. One of the PIs will serve as the main applicant.
  • Projects will be awarded up to 2 MSEK each for a duration of 2 years and 3 months.
  • The projects should start between 1 January 2022 and 31 March 2022.
  • If a project needs to run for longer than 2 years and 3 months, the SRAs need to budget accordingly and guarantee funding for the remaining project period.
  • The main applicant is awarded the funds when the project has been approved by the Vice-Chancellor. The main applicant is responsible for the management of the approved funds and the final reporting of the project.
  • The funds can be passed on to the other PIs in accordance with the project's budget.
  • The funds must cover both direct and indirect costs.
  • The funds cannot be used to cover indirect costs for other projects.

Outline of the proposal

  • Title of the application
  • Name of the main responsible SRA with name, title, e-mail, telephone number, and cost center for the main applicant PI.
  • List of other involved SRAs with name, title, e-mail, and telephone for co-applicant PIs.
  • Description of the project with overall aims, including the novelty concerning emerging research topics, interdisciplinary, collaboration, and strategic directions.
  • An outline of expected outcomes and future opportunities, for example how the project can lead to a major proposal.
  • A clear timeline for the project, with start and end date including time for possible recruitment.
  • Budget and financial plan for the project in line with the project requirements, including support from involved SRAs and possible contributions from the PIs, and motivation for the different cost items. Please use the budget template below.
  • The application has a maximum of 3 pages excluding budget and references.
  • The application is written in English.
  • Support letters from the LU coordinators of each involved SRA must be attached to the application. These letters must describe how the SRAs will strategically support the targeted new research direction.

Questions are directed to:

Deadline and submission of proposals

Proposals are sent digitally to the secretary of the SRA Collegium, Pernille Andersson,, no later than 1 September 2021.


Budget template

Budget posts (amounts in kSEK)

  • Salaries, incl. social security charges and holiday pay (LKP in Swedish):
  • Travel expenses:
  • Other direct costs:
  • Equipment:
  • Consulting services:
  • Sum of direct costs:
  • Indirect costs:
  • Total cost:

Funding (amounts in kSEK)

  • Amount applied for:
  • Possible other funding (not required):
  • Total funding:

Document for download

The above information is also available as a PDF document (357 kB, new tab).

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